Wellcome to Alkania

Alkania is the first Brazilian Gorean group.

We Goreans of Alkania welcome you to our space.

Here you can find information about the activities of our group, about Gor in its various aspects and about the communities in which we are inserted.

You may be offended by the content of this space because

Gor is not for everyone

If you are interested in getting to know us, the site is organized as follows

Alkania: Deals with our group called “Cidade Goreana de Alkania (Gorean City of Alkania)”; the Council News provide reports of our group leaderchip; Alkania News presents a little of our day to day; the Alkania Documents contain the statute of our group and other official information; Finally, the Houses of Alkania present information about the members of Alkania.

First Knowledge: Deals with the “The Chronicles of the Counter Earth” by John Norman, which is the work that inspires the Gorean lifestyle and various activities that are called Gorean Culture.

Second Knowledge: Deals with Philosophy and the Gorean Lifestyle, it is your path to understand, in the real life, what it is to be Gorean, our beliefs and philosophical positions.

Third Knowledge: Deals with the philosophical and scientific foundations on which the Gorean lifestyle is based.

Mundo Kinky: Deals with urban communities, such as the BDSM community, associated to alternative sexuality that are the cultural circuit in which the Brazilian Gorean community is inserted.

Browsing this space you are expected to respect our culture and understand that:

Gor is not just

Gor is not fair


Disclaimer: This is an adult content site. If you are offended by candid discussions about human sexuality, about biological aspects of gender differences, about evolutionary psychology, if you are aligned with politically correct positions, if you are not willing to have your beliefs discussed or if you are less than 18 years old we kindly request you not to enter the site.

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